Copywriter ★ Digital Content Strategist


I love creating opportunities for smart messages to move you into action. I have more than a dozen years of experience in planning detailed projects, streamlining processes, creating and nurturing win-win relationships and delivering 

messages that motivate and support others. 


Call me a digital copywriter/editor, 

project manager, researcher, 

producer, strategist, designer or trainer. The title only alludes to a much bigger story that intuitively advocates your cause and fuels your brand. 


When I'm not working on or thinking about your projects I'm probably doing research on content marketing, design or photography.











If my head isn't buried in industry stuff then I'm headed to my daughter's soccer games and practices, or writing, traveling, playing soccer, swinging kettlebells (more time spent thinking about it then actually doing it though), or scouting out places to eat with friends or family. I share videos of cats playing patty cake, and talking snails. I have a BA in Multimedia (go figure) and love the flavor of honey. I even put it in my coffee. Try it, it adds a nutty flavor.


Let's talk about work you're looking for help on, the weather, or speculate on the next World Cup.