Let me catch you up. I’m a copywriter. While I concentrate or type I push my upper lip against my nose, sort of subconsciously, to check my body temperature based on how warm or cold the tip of my nose is. It’s like a “note to self” then I continue thinking and typing with minimal body distraction until I need to prioritize my comfort. Call me quirky, whatever. Despite my excitable rambling, a nice caveat to being a friend, colleague, or a client of mine is that I have a knack for quickly identifying and breaking down the big picture into bite size chunks and steering mouths through each bite, sort of like, “here comes the airplane” that zooms into your mouth.


Good job. Keep chewing!

Ok, I realize that was a dumb joke.


I’m vested enough into SEO to be in awe of the wizards and...

January 5, 2016

During a discussion of how much I loved cheese, a few short years ago, I opened the meat and cheese drawer in my fridge and proudly counted seventeen different types of carefully crafted milk bodies. My mouth waters, just at the memory. From imported tartufo bianco, triple cream Brie and Irish porter cheddar to your standard Philly cream cheese and mozzarella sticks for my mini-human, I clearly had an obsession with cheese. Was it a problem though? Some people have seventeen different types of rum in their liquor cabinet. (That’s a thing, right?) Maybe it’s not a normal thing, but I’m sure that situation exists—amongst pirates or something.


I wondered if this aficionado of mine was really an issue. It seems that much of the best things in life lead to pure joy, maybe ecstasy, then obsession...

January 2, 2016

We're lucky that we have a planned re-set day every year. Deep breath in, and exhale.  Great re-set plan for any day.  Printing, and posting to the fridge. 



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January 14, 2016

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January 14, 2016

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