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Where do I start?

Let me catch you up. I’m a copywriter. While I concentrate or type I push my upper lip against my nose, sort of subconsciously, to check my body temperature based on how warm or cold the tip of my nose is. It’s like a “note to self” then I continue thinking and typing with minimal body distraction until I need to prioritize my comfort. Call me quirky, whatever. Despite my excitable rambling, a nice caveat to being a friend, colleague, or a client of mine is that I have a knack for quickly identifying and breaking down the big picture into bite size chunks and steering mouths through each bite, sort of like, “here comes the airplane” that zooms into your mouth.

Good job. Keep chewing!

Ok, I realize that was a dumb joke.

I’m vested enough into SEO to be in awe of the wizards and sometimes I’ll dive in for fun, but I’m not an SEO expert, at all. Some of my friends are and I can refer you to them.

Everyone has lots of stories. Start telling the ones that matter.

This is my story of working in marketing strategy and branding. Why does it matter to you? It depends on what you’re looking for. Whether you like fun collaboration, need ideas polished with straightforward copy or someone to pull you out of your heaping responsibilities and chaos in order to move your projects forward—that’s exactly what I do. I help you organize and bank on your gold, through strategy and words. I never over promise any BS. I may refer you to people with more expertise than me, and I have a wide range of marketing experience. I’ve been on this roller coaster for over a decade at this point, with no plans to get off the ride. I’m telling my story in hopes to provide insight, motivation, and maybe a decent reality break. I admit, it’s a good stress release for me too, and it keeps me accountable to writing stuff outside of my client’s work. Dang, I’m so selfish.

It took me a solid four ½ years post college—to even get my hand waving around through the doorway, like I was someone who belonged here. I studied Multimedia and PolySci in college (not sure why I bolded those words now), while on a writing scholarship, but digital content was crap back then (before 2005). Quality digital content just wasn’t valued enough for existing leadership and technology. I tried clearing my own path, but it was incredibly slow. My generation (I’m born the very first year of the millennial) hadn’t taken the world by storm yet. We weren’t in leadership positions. I was, I guess, an early adopter subscribing to twitter for brands as the new black, back in ‘08, but also trying to figure out how I fit in. I sounded like an overly enthusiastic little bird chirping about the future that was too far off from most people’s day-to-day situations, but falling short from those who were making a huge difference. I was annoying to say the least. After taking some ambitious risks in start-ups, I cooled down and let life take over for a bit.

Why do I do this?

I care about the campaign. Through writing and delivering the message I want to inspire and motivate people to feel or to do something. Whether that’s laugh, move their bodies, eat better, bomb it down the mountain on a board cause it just feels so good, or buy that cute outfit for their kid—I want to motivate people to simply do the things that make them happy or ease their stress. I figured out years ago, after lobbying in DC, and working as a researcher in London’s House of Commons, that politics was not where I would be happy. I thought I’d find fulfillment by helping move policy toward good—briefly. I quickly became dissatisfied with politics. Do you know how many constituents would call in from Croyden (the borough my MP represented) to complain about their neighbours car, noise, smell, or drinking habits? I wrote at least 20 people back a week about the Labour party’s commitment to the end of Fox Hunting, and then would have to defend myself for being an American answering the phone for their MP’s complaint line. It was comical at least. Not to mention the red tape for social and fiscal issues at hand, and watching officials keep large entities happy, in order to keep supporters with money. The master manipulation game, which impacts policy, is not for me. I want to be happy and just lead or influence by example (well not my self-important, argumentative or I drank too much wine and think I can speak Spanish with an Australian accent type of awesome example). This means that I won’t take everyone’s big or petty problems on, nor do I have the emotional capacity for that. That was hard for me to do in a politically charged environment. I realized many years ago that if I can inspire others through messaging to take action, benefitting this beautiful thing called capitalism (because I care about the global economy, right? Haha) and a person’s self worth, then that my friends is my pursuit.

The little engine that could, really it’s a thing…

I stayed in finance for a few years, because it paid the bills, but kept doing pro-bono PR, writing content, delivering seminars to local small businesses, volunteering, and essentially staying as involved in digital marketing and social media trends as I could, while still working and raising a little. I wanted to be good at everything I did. Was I? Oh we all snicker…in fact, I tried way too hard, to the point that it derailed my energy and attention away from what I was really good at, which is writing, strategy/efficiency, and helping other people.

I carved a couple of paths to my own self-made deadends, bought into the hype of taking pictures of my food (I haven’t fully let that one go yet-- follow my #whole30 on instagram, lol) discovered and worked with intensely talented teams of people and maxed out and replenshied my resources. Burnt out much? Yeah its happened a couple of times. Did I make mostly the right choices? OMG. Pfff. I think the only great choice I made was that I never gave up. Literally. I laugh at how many times I failed or just flat-out embarrassed myself (as in did she really just loudly announce that she doesn’t like babies at a work baby-shower that she threw? In my defense, I’m a toddler fan.) I’m competitive, and resilient, so I've been sucking it up and bouncing back since I learned how to walk. Networking, blogging, talking, more talking and selling my ideas and words slowly paid off. Eventually I got the opportunity to project manage and write in small-agency settings and a few gigantic brand experiences later led me to being an established copywriter and strategist. Weird. Here I am. So let’s carry on and figure out how to drive action through your messaging.

I’m always accessible so reach out if you have any questions, or need some help.

Follow my story. Take a break from your own reality, and just maybe pick up some new ideas by subscribing to my blog.

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